Marina S., Pediatric RN:

I was diagnosed four years ago with fibromyalgia, a condition with which I’ve lived for nearly my entire life. As an RN, I have a very physically active job and I can’t properly care for my patients when I have the debilitating flare-ups that fibromyalgia brings. I had tried nearly every type of treatment and seen nearly every kind of specialist to try to help me cope with the pain. My research into solutions led me to the Alexander Technique about two years ago, and I was very fortunate to find such a talented teacher as Laurie nearby.

The key to the Alexander Technique is that it is an educational process, not simply a therapy. When I visit Laurie, it’s not just to receive some kind of temporary relief. It’s to learn about how to use my body, both at rest and in motion, to its most effective advantage. While I have certainly felt incredible relief from my pain after each visit (the fact is indescribable), it is the careful consideration to instruction that Laurie gives me, which insures that I am able to maintain my comfort through good daily practice. When I leave, I feel that I have gained insight into ways in which to prevent the pain from the outset.

Laurie is the kind of teacher/practitioner who really cares about her students.
She takes the time to explain both the theory and the practice of the approach, while at the same time demonstrating firsthand how effective it can be. I am amazed at her knowledge, skills, and compassion and I always look forward to visiting her again to both refresh and expand upon what I have learned from previous sessions.

Jack S., Psychologist:

I started taking Alexander Technique lessons because of chronic back problems and poor posture. The Technique has literally changed my life. I am more poised, move much more gracefully, and understand the connection between my emotional states and the use of my body so much better. I am very grateful to have worked with Laurie. She is both an expert at the technique and extremely kind and sensitive in her approach. Thanks to her I've achieved many personal and work goals that I never would have imagined. She is an outstanding teacher!

Michelle L., Retired Teacher, Community Volunteer:

Laurie Currie is a lovely person and a gentle practitioner of the Alexander Technique. I have learned so much from her. I often recall my sessions with Laurie in her comfortable studio that looks out on the woods nearby.

Anna L., Senior Counsel:

I was having constant back pain and decided to give Alexander Technique a try. My experience with Laurie has been exceptional. During the first class, I mentioned to her that I also had pain on my right knee and she put her hands on my knee quite a bit. After that, the pain on the right knee seems to have disappeared. My back pain also got much better and I started to feel great about my body.


Working with Laurie is a joyous event. She is so sensitive and so calming that no matter how excited and distracted I was when I started the lesson, I always ended up being calm and content by the end of the lesson. She has guided me to let go in every lesson – body and mind.

Alexander Technique by Laurie Currie teaches in her studio and is located in Mahopac NY.